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Meet The Team

Hyper Drive is a 100% New Zealand owned automotive destination specialising in car tyres, wheels, audio, tinting and roof racks.

Founded in 2001, we have supplied and fitted tyres for thousands of satisfied customers. We have a team of dedicated staff - many of whom have been with Hyper well over five years.

Our superstore is based in Penrose, Auckland where we have a huge showroom and workshop. All product sold instore can be fitted and installed onsite - this includes car tyres, wheels, audio, tinting and roof racks.

For our customers who live outside the Auckland area we have Authorised Installers who fit wheels and tyres when purchased online at www.hyperdrive.co.nz. Its a new, simple and convenient way to buy tyres and wheels online.

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Simon Furness

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Nick Furness

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