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Hyper Drive offers an extensive range of high-quality products to enhance your automotive experience. Let's explore some of the diverse product categories available:

Battery Chargers: Ensure you never get stranded with a dead battery. Our battery chargers are designed to safely and efficiently charge your vehicle's battery, providing peace of mind and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

Body Accessories: Personalize and protect your vehicle with our selection of body accessories. From stylish grille overlays and side steps to durable bonnet protectors and mud flaps, these accessories add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your vehicle.

Booster Cables & Jump Starters: Be prepared for unexpected battery failures with our booster cables and jump starters. These essential tools allow you to jump-start your vehicle quickly and easily, ensuring you can get back on the road in no time.

Car Keys & Remotes: Replace lost or damaged car keys and remotes with our wide range of replacements. Our products are designed to be compatible with various vehicle makes and models, providing you with a convenient solution to keep your vehicle secure and functional.

Compressors & Air Tools: Keep your tires properly inflated and tackle various pneumatic tasks with our compressors and air tools. Whether you need to inflate your vehicle's tires or power pneumatic tools, our range of compressors and air tools delivers reliable performance.

Gift Vouchers: Give the gift of choice with our gift vouchers. Perfect for automotive enthusiasts, our gift vouchers allow recipients to select the products that best suit their needs and preferences from our extensive range.

Lighting: Illuminate the road ahead and enhance visibility with our range of lighting solutions. From LED light bars and driving lights to interior and exterior lighting upgrades, our lighting products provide enhanced safety and style.

Maxell Batteries: Power your electronic devices with reliable Maxell batteries. From everyday essentials like AA and AAA batteries to specialized batteries for cameras, watches, and more, Maxell batteries deliver long-lasting performance.

Maxtrax Off-Road Recovery: Navigate challenging off-road terrains with confidence using Maxtrax Off-Road Recovery devices. These innovative and durable traction boards provide essential grip and traction to get your vehicle unstuck from sand, mud, or snow.

Phone Chargers: Stay connected on the go with our phone chargers. Designed to provide fast and efficient charging, our phone chargers keep your devices powered up while you're on the road.

Phone Holders: Safely secure your phone while driving with our phone holders. With a variety of mounting options, our phone holders ensure convenient access to your device for navigation, music, and hands-free communication.

Plasti-Dip: Transform the look of your vehicle with Plasti-Dip, a removable rubber coating. Available in various colors, Plasti-Dip allows you to customize your vehicle's appearance while protecting the underlying surfaces.

Scanners: Stay informed about your vehicle's performance with our scanners. These diagnostic tools enable you to read and clear error codes, monitor engine parameters, and perform comprehensive system scans.

Solar Panels & Accessories: Harness the power of the sun with our solar panels and accessories. Ideal for camping and off-grid adventures, our solar panels provide a reliable source of renewable energy to charge your devices and power your equipment.

Technology: Explore the latest automotive technologies, including advanced GPS systems, dash cameras, Bluetooth connectivity devices, and more. These cutting-edge products enhance your driving experience and add convenience to your journeys.

Throttle Controller: Fine-tune your vehicle's throttle response with our throttle controllers. These devices allow you to adjust throttle sensitivity, providing improved acceleration and responsiveness.

Tyre Repair Solutions: Be prepared for punctures with our tyre repair solutions. From tyre sealants and repair kits to tyre pressure monitoring systems, these products help you maintain optimal tyre performance and safety.

Wheel Nuts: Ensure secure wheel installation with our range of wheel nuts. Designed for different wheel types and sizes, our wheel nuts provide reliable fastening and peace of mind.

From practical tools and accessories to innovative technologies and performance upgrades, Hyper Drive offers a comprehensive range of products to meet your automotive needs. Explore our diverse selection and elevate your driving experience with quality products that deliver both functionality and style.

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