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When it comes to Mag and alloy wheels, Hyper Drive stands as New Zealand's number one destination. With the largest range of wheels and the best prices, Hyper Drive is the go-to choice for customers seeking top-quality options. Their online store,, is the most up-to-date website in New Zealand, showcasing a wide selection of leading brands.

Hyper Drive prides itself on only stocking the best brands in the industry. Among the renowned brands available are Advanti, TSW, Rota, BGW, Lenso, Enkei, BG World Wheels, DTM, TBC, and more. By offering these trusted brands, Hyper Drive ensures that customers have access to superior quality and stylish options for their vehicles.

Purchasing wheels from Hyper Drive is made convenient through their online store. Customers can browse the website, explore the range of options, and make their purchases with ease. Hyper Drive's online platform provides comprehensive information on each product, including specifications, sizes, and designs, allowing customers to make informed decisions based on their preferences.

To ensure that customers receive professional installation services, Hyper Drive has partnered with over 250 authorized Hyper FIT installers nationwide. These installers are located throughout New Zealand, ensuring that customers are never far from the convenience of using Hyper Drive. By choosing one of these trusted professionals, customers can have their wheels and tyres fitted with precision and expertise.

In Auckland, Hyper Drive's purpose-built 3750m² superstore is a testament to their commitment to providing an extensive selection of wheels. With a vast inventory, the store stocks more wheels than any other retailer in the region. This means that customers can be confident that Hyper Drive will have the exact wheels they are looking for, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

As a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated company, Hyper Drive brings over 20 years of experience to the alloy and mag wheel business. This extensive knowledge and expertise ensure that customers receive reliable guidance and support throughout their purchasing journey. With a deep understanding of the industry, Hyper Drive can offer valuable insights and recommendations to help customers find the perfect wheels for their vehicles.

Hyper Drive's dedication to exceptional customer service extends beyond their extensive range and expertise. Their website,, enables customers from all corners of the country to access leading brands and outstanding customer support. Whether you are in Auckland or anywhere else nationwide, you can experience the convenience and quality that Hyper Drive offers.

To explore their offerings and make a purchase, customers can visit their online store. Alternatively, they can contact Hyper Drive's friendly and knowledgeable team at 0800 449 737 for expert advice and assistance.

In conclusion, Hyper Drive is the ultimate destination in New Zealand for Mag and alloy wheels. With the largest range and the best prices, they have established themselves as the leading choice for customers seeking high-quality options. Their online store showcases leading brands, and their extensive network of authorized Hyper FIT installers ensures professional installation services nationwide. With their deep industry knowledge, dedicated superstore, and commitment to outstanding customer service, Hyper Drive provides customers with a seamless and reliable wheel purchasing experience. Shop online or call their team for expert advice and take advantage of their expertise and customer-centric approach.

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